Backed by over 50 years of product innovations and legendary attention to quality, MPA brake calipers deliver optimum performance and reliability in any driving situation.

MPA caliper units feature OE style finishes for maximum corrosion resistance, all new EPDM rubber boots and seals and 100% new phenolic pistons. Each caliper unit comes installation ready with new bleeder screws, banjo bolts and application-specific hardware where required.  100% end of line pressure testing and full quality inspection ensures worry-free operation right out of the box.

Quality Enhancements

OE style finishes
  • All cast iron calipers are zinc plated to provide superior protection from corrosion and rust.
Hardware Included
  • Application-specific hardware kits prevent noise and vibration while extending brake system service life.
All new phenolic pistons
  • 100% new phenolic pistons ensure safe, reliable operation in high-heat, repeat stop conditions.
Installation Ready
  • Where required, all caliper units come complete with mounting brackets, parking brake hardware, and cable guides.
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New and remanufactured Automotive Brake Calipers