It’s What Drives Us


At MPA, we believe in Total Quality Management.

This isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s a philosophy that underlies the foundation of our company culture and the products and services we provide.

Our commitment to quality is what inspires us to strive for the highest possible levels of product performance and customer satisfaction. It’s the driving force behind our manufacturing process, which was formulated to provide ongoing opportunities for continuous improvement in durability and reliability.

At the center of our commitment to quality is the MPA engineering team. Comprised of the industry’s most experienced and talented technicians, our team works tirelessly to develop equipment, processes and component specifications that will further maximize durability, dependability and overall quality.

Quality Measures

  • Routine failure-tests, re-engineering weaknesses
  • Design and build own proprietary test equipment
  • Constantly seeking customer feedback for further improvements


Motorcar Parts of America Inc. (MPA) is dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of automotive parts. Through continuous improvement, MPA maintains its high quality standards intended to meet or exceed customer’s expectations for quality and service.

Continuous Improvement

We leverage an ongoing cycle of multi-stage, iterative testing designed to uncover further opportunities for product quality improvement, through a series of established testing and discovery processes.
• Products are load-tested in simulated underhood and undercar conditions
• Root-cause analysis is performed on returns to determine failure modes
• Engineering solutions for improved durability are developed
• Proprietary build specs are determined

T3+ Testing

To ensure consistent quality in all manufacturing efforts, MPA stands at the forefront of the industry by designing and building unique testing equipment in-house for use in the manufacturing process. Assuring that the part in the box is ready to go.
• Specialty manufacturing equipment is designed and built in MPA’s Innovation Center
• Proprietary equipment used for subassembly testing during the manufacturing process
• Proprietary equipment used for end-of-line testing, ensuring a quality unit inside every box
• Extensive durability testing on all products
• Products tested on-vehicle with data acquisition systems – real world road testing

MPA’s ongoing commitment to continually strive to reach new heights in quality and innovation has garnered us acclaim and recognition from numerous organizations and industry leaders.

  • T1
    Initial sample approvals test all components to validate specifications and functionality.
  • T2
    All critical sub-assemblies are 100% tested on specialized equipment prior to final assembly.
  • T3
    Completed units are individually end-of-line tested on proprietary, load-based testers across a full range of operating requirements.