Brake Pads and Shoes

MPA brake pads and shoes feature application specific friction formulas that have been developed to meet or exceed OE specifications for reliability, performance and durability.


MPA brake pads and shoes have been engineered to provide superior stopping power and reliability in all driving conditions. Application specific friction formulas are tuned to provide optimal performance across a wide temperature range without noise, vibration or dust. Tier one level manufacturing processes and materials ensure quality and durability providing the confidence you need with every stop. Each MPA brake pad and shoe set comes installation ready with application specific hardware and pre-burnished friction.

Quality Enhancements

Application Specific Designs and Friction Formulas
  • Each MPA brake pad and shoe is engineered and formulated to meet or exceed OE standards for performance, durability and feel.

OE Style Hardware Included
  • Where required, each MPA brake pad sets comes with application specific hardware included for full restoration of system performance and increased pad service life.
Low Dust, Low Noise
  • MPA friction formulations are engineered and tested to create minimal dust and noise regardless of driving style or system temperatures.
100% Positive Mold Technology
  • Positive molding is an OEM process where extreme pressure is used to compress the friction material. This process removes any impurities in the materials resulting in consistent performance and pedal feel throughout the service life of the brake pad.
Exacting Fit and Performance
  • Precision cut pad backing plates and brake shoe arcs promote exact fitment into caliper bodies and brake drums eliminating noise, vibration and chatter.
Copper-Free Friction Formulas
  • MPA brake pads and shoes include copper-free friction formulas depending on application. All MPA brake pads and shoes comply with current legislation regarding copper content in friction materials.

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