Call Before You Return

Protecting Your Bottom Line

In the automotive aftermarket, product returns are costly, all-too-common, and frequently avoidable.

Returns impact everyone from the retailer, to the manufacturer, to the customer. Beyond the financial costs, the reputation of the brand stands at risk as well.

To help mitigate this situation, MPA offers a Call Before You Return service. Products are packaged with a special notification firmly secured to each item, informing customers to call our technical representative to trouble shoot the problem prior to assuming a warranty issue and needlessly returning the product. MPA maintains a dedicated call center staffed with trained ASE-certified master technicians who resolve incidents, stave off unnecessary returns, and prevent future returns.



These highly trained, certified call center technicians are available to:
• Validate Diagnostics & Repairs
• Prevent Product Damage
• Minimize Future Warranty Claims

By taking advantage of MPA’s Call Before You Return services, you can minimize instances of unnecessary returns and warranty claims— improving the bottom line & customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Contact Information for Call Before You Return
Monday – Friday 5:30am-5pm (PT)
Saturday – Sunday 6am-2:30pm (PT)
Telephone 888-933-9065