It’s What Drives Us

A leading North American provider of best-in-class remanufactured aftermarket products, MPA has redefined the remanufacturing process, setting new benchmarks in terms of both product and process.

All units MPA produces are remanufactured to the strictest quality standards, implementing design enhancements that improve durability.

MPA’s remanufacturing practices are defined by processes unique to each specific part. Maintained in a proprietary specifications database, all steps are documented and delivered digitally to the craftsmen in the factories:
• All cores are 100% disassembled
• Component parts are cleaned, remanufactured and tested
• New replacement components are combined with refurbished parts

We subject all remanufactured components to rigorous three-phase (T3+) testing:
• Individual component lots are 100% ISA (Initial Sample Approval) tested for compliance with specs, functionality and durability before they reach the factory floor
• Subassemblies are 100% tested for performance on specialized equipment prior to final assembly
• Completed units are 100% End-of-Line tested across a wide range of operating requirements using proprietary, computer-controlled testers

MPA’s remanufacturing process has been developed and meticulously refined to ensure that every remanufactured component we produce meets original equipment build specs and delivers dependable performance right out of the box . . . and for many thousands of miles to come.