Driven To Innovate


A global leader in the remanufacturing and supply of best-in-class underhood and undercar components, MPA engages 4,700+ employees in 13 locations, across 7 countries and 2 continents.

MPA’s product offering includes thousands of individual products for nearly every vehicle on- and off-highway. Over 7,700 automotive parts retailers and distributors trust MPA to add value to their brands.

• MPA stock is publicly traded in the United States [NASDAQ:MPAA.]
• Lean manufacturing methods provide capacity for extensive product variety, with reduced lead times and high fill-rates.
• 20,000 square-foot innovation center that operates around-the-clock utilizing advanced proprietary computer-controlled testing to ensure products are consistently built to the highest standards.
• Comprehensive point-of-sale analysis support on supply and demand for parts, based on data-determined from regional factors, vehicle registrations and sales patterns.
• MPA is an IATF 16949 supplier.

MPA maintains a close working relationship with its component partners — many of whom are suppliers to the original equipment manufacturers— enabling us to produce replacement parts that are among the most durable in the world.


By utilizing test data to continually rethink and improve on OE specifications, our team is consistently able to develop and refine build specifications that deliver unmatched performance.

We leverage data obtained from thousands of tests performed on parts after years of real-world, on-vehicle exposure to advance component enhancements and improve manufacturing techniques; resulting in additional increases in product durability and reliability.

MPA also maintains a special order shop that can facilitate quick turnarounds on parts too rare for large quantity remanufacturing. In most cases, turnaround from receipt of order to shipping can be accomplished in just 24 hours.

With an unparalleled level of service and support, Motorcar Parts of America proudly stands among the most prominent global producers, marketers and distributors in the automotive aftermarket.


How Remanufacturing Can Counter Climate Change

Remanufacturing is a process based on refurbishing and reusing previously manufactured parts rather than producing new ones.

The remanufacturing process conserves the energy embodied in a product and, compared to traditional manufacturing, requires minimal additional energy.

Manufacturing one new starter for instance, demands more than 10 times the amount of energy and nine times the amount of materials required compared with producing a remanufactured one.

A new alternator meanwhile requires approximately seven times the amount of energy and eight times the amount of raw material required to produce a remanufactured one.

It’s been estimated that remanufacturing a starter or alternator saves up to 91% of the energy that would otherwise be expended in producing a new part. That energy savings translates into lower carbon dioxide output and overall lower consumption. In fact, by some estimates, remanufactured products conserve roughly the equivalent of 400 trillion BTUs of energy per year.

The remanufacturing process employed by MPA takes real steps to mitigate the effects of climate change, by drastically reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that are normally generated by producing new parts.