D&V Electronics

D&V integrates advanced electro-mechanical testing platforms and proprietary data processing systems that deliver rapid, accurate component and powertrain analysis.

D&V Electronics is a global leader in R&D, manufacturing, and aftermarket test solutions for rotating electric automotive parts and hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain components and subsystems.

Engineered to produce the most comprehensive, accurate, and reliable test results, D&V Electronics test systems are designed to meet your unique and challenging test requirements.   D&V is prepared to address your test applications across automotive, aviation and aerospace, rail, defense, and other transportation forms. We are prepared to serve you worldwide with our sales and service teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 

Innovation is at the core of everything we do.  From our unique bench-top test equipment for retail automotive applications to our patented high power emulator solutions, D&V is at the forefront of test technology development. 


  • D&V is ‘Testing the Future’
  • Electric Motor Testing
  • Emulators
  • Alternator and Starter Testers
  • Electric Axle Testing
  • Belt Starter Generator Testers
  • Battery Testers
  • Solenoid Testers
  • Voltage Regulator Testers
  • Diode and Rectifier Testers
  • Early Generation Products