Starting and Charging 101

Starting and Charging 101

Starting and Charging 101
While professional installers know the ins and outs of starting and charging systems, many drivers and DIY enthusiasts lack knowledge about how these systems work, proper maintenance, and voltage testing practices. That is why, MPA has released a new video on YouTube called “Starting and Charging 101,” aimed at demystifying the maintenance routines, voltage testing, and signs of system failures for vehicle starting and charging systems. This video, which can be found at, addresses the gap in knowledge many drivers and DIYer’s have about these critical vehicle functions.

Video Content

The video begins by explaining the battery’s role in powering the starter motor and ignition system, and progresses to discuss how these systems are crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s performance. Featuring clear, expert guidance with modern, engaging visuals, the videos simplify complex concepts and are designed to captivate attention and enhance learning.

Topics Covered

  • The crucial role of the battery in powering various vehicle systems and maintaining overall performance.
  • The importance of a reliable starting system for consistent engine ignition.
  • The significance of an efficient charging system to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Essential maintenance tips to ensure the longevity and reliability of your vehicle’s components.
  • Basic check procedures to help you identify and troubleshoot potential issues.

Additional Resources

We have also created a Starting and Charging 101 landing page ( which provides an additional Starting and Charging FAQ, and downloadable pdf resources on battery, starting, and charging system maintenance.

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We encourage professional installers to share the video and landing page links with their customers to help them understand the maintenance practices that will keep their starting and charging system in top shape.

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