MPA’s Core Values

A recent series of stories in AfterMarket News shed light on Motorcar Parts of America’s forward looking strategy and core values in the marketplace. One article, titled “Motorcar Parts of America’s Selwyn Joffe on Core Values” features an insightful interview with MPA’s Chairman, President, and CEO, Selwyn Joffe, who discusses the company’s enduring strength and its commitment to excellence in the industry.

In his conversation with AfterMarket News, Chairman, President and CEO Selwyn Joffe emphasizes that MPA is “as strong as ever.” This statement is not just a testament to their current status but also a promise of continuous innovation and improvement. Joffe reveals, “We’re here, and we’re committed to continuous improvement. That’s what we live by. So, for all of our products, even though they are excellent, they are going to get better.”

The article not only highlights MPA’s mission to lead globally in parts and solutions but also underscores the human element that drives the company forward. Joffe speaks highly of the passion and productivity of MPA’s employees, whom he considers the most valuable asset on the company’s balance sheet.

MPA’s Selwyn Joffe: “We’re as Strong as Ever”

For a deeper understanding of how MPA plans to maintain its market leadership and keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive parts industry, check out the full story in AfterMarket News, in the link below. This article not only provides a detailed look at MPA’s strategic commitments but also offers a perspective on how they intend to support and innovate within the aftermarket for years to come.

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