In 1968, Motorcar Parts of America started as a full-line importer of European and Japanese replacement parts. Organized to service a growing network of independently owned and operated auto parts retailers, the business grew into mass-merchandising by providing ignition parts and wire sets to K-Mart and Zayres stores.

In response to sharp increases in demand for replacement starters and alternators in 1985, MPA acquired one of its exclusive suppliers and began to focus on becoming the industry leader in the rotating electrical segment.

After 30 years on the East Coast, MPA relocated its headquarters to a manufacturing facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. At that time, MPA streamlined its catalog and focused its business on producing and distributing starters, alternators, ignition parts and ignition wire sets.

In 1993, due to aggressive marketing and superior customer retention, MPA tripled its domestic production space - moving to a larger, more modern, facility in Torrance, California. The following year, MPA became a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ Index (ticker symbol: MPAA). Since that time, MPA has successfully completed two stock offerings — one in 1995 and another in 1997.

Expanding through the acquisition of several significant customers, MPA is strongly positioned for substantial growth. With the opening of additional facilities in the United States, Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore, MPA increased its production capacity to over 8.8 million units annually - further strengthening its competitive position in North America and laying solid foundations for global expansion.

To better reflect its role as the industry leader, MPA changed its name in 2003 from Motorcar Parts & Accessories, Inc. to Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. This refocus of the company’s mission as a world leader in high-quality starters and alternators was tangible in the launch of the Quality-Built brand of starters and alternators - designed exclusively for the needs of professional installers.

Today, the American Dream, first envisioned by Mel Marks, now leads the world in the remanufacturing of aftermarket starters and alternators for vehicles and equipment.

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MPA offers a level of service and support that’s unrivaled in the automotive aftermarket industry. As a result of MPA’s international operations, the organization has established a global presence for marketing and distribution that is second-to-none.

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