Engineered and built for performance, efficiency and power, MPA’s new and remanufactured Turbochargers are assembled to the highest quality standards. Strict test and evaluation processes assure proper performance and reliability standards are met.

Features include precise dual plane balancing required to eliminate high speed vibrations, new OEM design or upgraded CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly) internal components that assure reliability & durability, thrust plates, seating rings and journal bearings strategically designed to withstand internal oil pressure and improve lubrication. MPA Turbochargers are supported by a free tech support hotline, staffed by ASE certified master technicians with access to extensive vehicle-specific repair data.

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Quality Enhancements

100% Dual Plane Balanced Turbine Shaft and Compressor Wheel
  • Eliminates high speed vibrations, harmonics and premature bearing failure.

100% New OEM Design or Upgraded CHRA Components
  • Assures performance and improves reliability and durability.

100% Electronic and Pneumatic Actuator Function
  • Tested, calibrated and adjusted for proper pressure relief and boost functions.

100% Mechanical Fastener and Tolerance Verification
  • All critical points measured, gauged, torqued and witness marked.

100% Production Assembly Line Testing
  • Multi-computer and mechanical test operations monitor the turbo performance.