Our global facilities include manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world.

Based in the US, MPA’s headquarters and technical operations are located Torrance, California. MPA also operates extensive sales and warehousing operations in Charlotte, North Carolina; La Vergne, Tennessee; Albany, Oregon and Fairfield, New Jersey. Outside of the US, MPA operates a large and advanced manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico; along with additional manufacturing and distribution facilities in Singapore and Malaysia, respectively.

Setting an example for the rest of the industry, all MPA facilities around the world are ISO/TS 16949 Certified and we are committed to continually improving quality and expanding our reach to global markets.

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MPA offers a level of service and support that’s unrivaled in the automotive aftermarket industry. As a result of MPA’s international operations, the organization has established a global presence for marketing and distribution that is second-to-none.

Corporate Governance